Green Youth

A key objective of the green campaign is to unite individuals as we are far stronger together than we can ever be alone. With this in mind, on the 16th of March at the Old Mill pub in Berkhamsted I attended the informal but informative monthly gathering of Transition Town Berkhamsted aptly named Green Drinks.
Transition Town is a global term for grassroots community projects that aim to increase self-sustainability, the first initiative to use the name was Transition Town Totnes in 2006 and since then the movement has grown around the world.

I attended Green Drinks to gather information on the group and to inform them that they can consider the youth council as their ally in saving the world. The meeting began with introductions, the large table we were occupying in a side room of the pub had someone seated at every position, those gathered were a diverse bunch ranging in age, profession and lifestyle yet we knew at heart we held the same ideal- blue sky, green earth, clean food and water for all.
We discussed all manner of preexisting green actions that are already in motion throughout the town, from a coffee cup survey asking cafes if their cups could be composted to a screening of the film ‘Tomorrow’ on the 19th of April in the town hall, this film highlights that the world of tomorrow is already here and that there are genuine feasible solutions to climate change that already exist(come along!).

The conversation was driven yet relaxed, all were polite and considerate and I left the meeting with a page brimming with notes, two cards helpfully informing me about Permaculture, an agricultural system that works with nature opposed to against it, and feeling warmed with the knowledge that there were so many kindred environmentalists in my own town, all of whom I hoped to see again soon.