Supreme Courts

During the half term in February a group of Swan Youth Project members visited the Supreme Court in London. Up early and enthusiastic Harry, Jack and Maddy met Caroline and Mischke at Berkhamsted station to travel up to London where we arrived at...

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David Gauke

Hi all, Dan (The Swan Manager) here! I am very excited that this is my first full blog post! In the Swan Youth Project, we were very lucky as, in October we had a visit from David Gauke MP/Chief Secretary to the Treasury. David came down to speak...

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Rectory Lane Cemetery

I know it does sound a little different, why were The Swan playing in a cemetery? The reason is that a group of local residents have realised the possibility of opening up this beautiful space to the community and wanting to “celebrate the...

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BerkoFest 2016

For the last few years at The Swan we have run a stage at the local music festival Berkofest (http://berkofest.com/). When I started working at the Swan as a support youth worker intern, this was one of the first events I supported, and I...

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